#prettysmart way to Sweat it out: The cheapest way to look and feel good

March 6 2017 | By Beauty EDU

How do you feel about sweat? Sweat patches at work, on a first date or ruining your favourite outfit - not ideal. Having said that, there’s a lot to love about sweat. More than just the body’s way of cooling itself, sweating it out has so many benefits - for your skin, for your mood, and it even helps fight colds and flus. Here are just some of the reasons to get sweaty


     1. Saviour of pores, zapper of zits

Pimples and blemishes are caused by our body’s overproduction of sebum. When this sebum clogs the pore, or hair follicle, bacteria can get trapped and cause irritation. This turns to inflammation, and boom - you’re breaking out. When you’re sweating it out, your pores open up, releasing the build-up inside them and purging the body of toxins that play a role in breakouts.

Bonus tip: this only applies to mild or moderate sweating - excessive sweating can contribute to skin complaints like eczema or tinea. So keep it moderate!

  1. Gives you a natural mood boost

Need a reason to smile? Get to the gym, or take a brisk walk. The feel-good endorphin hormones are released when we workout, especially if you’re going hard enough to break a sweat. For an even bigger boost, try working out in a group. A study published in 2009 found working out with others was ‘less painful’ and increased endorphin levels. So get to that Body Balance class and get your sweat on!

  1. Natural antibiotic
    Some #PrettySmart people conducted a recent study and found dermcidin, (an antibiotic agent made by sweat glands and activated in salty, slightly acidic sweat) is highly effective for fighting germs and dangerous bacteria. Researchers think that because this is a natural antibiotic made by the body, it could be better long term, as we’re less likely to develop a resistance to them.

  1. The cheapest detox cleanse ever
    Not so keen on drinking only juice for a week? Skip the green liquid diet and go with a highly efficient detox - the sweat technique. Sweating can flush out toxins and substances, like alcohol, salt and cholesterol. The toxins are released into the sweat, helping your organs and your skin. In fact, the amount of stuff that comes out when you sweat could form a new method for measuring toxic elements - just like we already do with blood and urine testing.

These are just a few reasons to get into downward dog, ride your bike to classes or even go for an early morning run. Sweat therapy - good for the skin, good for body, good for the soul.

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